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When Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut appeared in 1999, it was titillatingly billed as a film about sex and jealousy starring a genuine Hollywood couple, and the element of the film to stir the greatest pre-opening excitement was generally dubbed "the orgy.
Ellen Schiff in her survey, titillatingly entitled "Sinners, Scandais, Scoundrels, and Scamps on the American Jewish Stage," practically eliminates the boundaries between literary text and performance.
This garden is modeled on a paradise, but on the titillatingly well-circulated Muslim vision of heaven as a garden of sensual delights (for men).
55) Just as Ellen Craft's appearances seemed successful because she was perceived to be both like British white women and titillatingly different as a fugitive slave, so, too, do Remond's speeches seem to turn on an ambivalent identification.
Portions of the book are titillatingly sexy and funny, others almost tragic (in code); the texts interrelate but never cohere.
Despite that titillatingly paradoxical formulation, though, the always-under-law-thesis may very well be renderable in a way that makes it unsurprising.
Levine and regarded by connoisseurs as one of the genre's meatiest and most disquieting (if titillatingly so) titles, the volume traces the otherwise standard adolescent rebellion (sex, drugs, and angst-driven interest in the occult) of sixteen-year-old Marlene Olive to its improbable outcome as she, with the help of her boyfriend, murders her parents and burns their bodies in an attempt to cover up the crime.