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I'm sure that nonsense like this has a titillation factor, but it does nothing to further a reasoned dialogue concerning the future of the wine industry, here or anywhere else.
I am not a prude, I enjoy a bit of titillation, but Ruddy Hell is downright disgusting and unnecessary, and certainly not comedy and an insult to the memories of the great Laurel and Hardy.
EEA's popularity seems to prove that people crave exuberance and organic titillation, like the brick Moby Dick emerging from the first floor of the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, the ribbed bubble on the ING Bank roof or the unnerving leaning Leiden University building.
Men are dropping like flies in America from prostate cancer and Broadway is promoting vaginal titillation.
As this situation has little resonance with modern audiences raised on Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives, much of the titillation found at the time of its premiere is lost.
The added bonus videos add a spicy degree of titillation .
Why so much attention has been lavished on gratuitous sadism and titillation is another matter.
This provocative remark offers a certain titillation, but does nothing to inform the untutored viewer as to the nature and purposes of the real Power Elite.
In both those situations, titillation in this most intimate of spheres depended on complete anonymity, on impersonal objectification.
Whilst I found this to be an interesting voyeuristic read, the presentation of the information itself makes it more suitable for titillation or entertainment than any serious academic study.
There is plenty of gratuitous titillation and tabloid exaggeration, but amid the garishness the weekly magazines have shone their torches into Japan's darkest corners, illuminating for the common reader everything from top-level bribery to nuclear cover-ups to food-labeling seams.
Its theology of culture starts with grace as drama, wherein grace is identified with intense sensation, excitation, episodic excess, and titillation.