Title deeds

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TITLE DEEDS. Those deeds which are evidences of the title of the owner of an estate.
     2. The person who is entitled to the inheritance has a right to the possession of the title deeds. 1 arr. & Marsh. 653.

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In circumstances where the title deeds have been lost or destroyed, it is likely that the Land Registry will only grant either a "possessory title" or a "qualified title" rather than a "title absolute", where the Land Registry guarantee the ownership.
He also said that the Lands Department began the process of issuing title deeds for developments for which no interest has been expressed by either the owner or the buyer.
Hussain Al Junaibi, the director of real estate, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said the municipality had previously co-operated with a host of property developers including Tamouh, the main developer of Al Reem Island, in registering title deeds of residential and commercial units of Marina Square Project at Al Reem Island, besides co-operating and supporting property developers generally.
The SC has asked the Group to hand over title deeds of unencumbered properties worth ` 20,000 crore to Sebi, which was last year tasked with the job of refunding over ` 24,000 crore to investors from whom two Sahara firms had raised money through issue of certain debentures.
Dr Al Shaer congratulated the new owners of Sarat's residential plots as he handed over the title deeds.
We are here to fulfil the promise of ensuring Kenyans get title deeds for their land.
1% compared with the year 2010, thus recording more than 10,000 cases of title deed acquisitions.
The Land Department (DLD) is imposing fines of up to Dh10,000 per unit on developers who have not issued title deeds to investors.
CDATA[ It seems to be the fashion among the United Nations coterie of organizations and officials to try and wrest the title deeds granted for the Jewish National Home in Palestine pursuant to the Mandate for Palestine and article 80 of the UN Charter.
With the aim of "putting Palestinian land in Palestinian hands", the TABO project seeks to promote broader ownership of the West Bank by making land more affordable and encouraging formal registration of land holdings in official title deeds.
We do not have title deeds until the denationalization is not finished, but IVZ has documents that prove that this parcel is our," confirmed Tahiri.
org/hd/ Title deeds can of course help you trace the owners and occupiers of your house.