to bring together

References in classic literature ?
The place which is assigned to it in this work is due mainly to the desire to bring together in a single volume all the Dialogues which contain allusions to the trial and death of Socrates.
I sought them greedily, and ferreted them out indefatigably, and I have been able to bring together some objects of great value.
And it's usually easier to bring together teams of employees from different disciplines--sales, marketing, the technical side, human resources--for broad-based issues.
The story then picks up in the present day with the descendents of the original owner of this "lost" fate and of the Irishman who all seek to bring together the three fates.
Would you like to bring together ACPE members in your region?
The Centre aims to bring together scientific knowledge, existing technology and future developments, through a series of exhibition and cultural facilities.
To bring together the appropriate segments of an immunoglobulin gene, a white blood cell snips out the intervening DNA, producing a permanent rearrangement.
They present events designed to bring together area entrepreneurs to learn about and discuss relevant topics.
The CIC bioGUNE is a nonprofit research and biotechnology business development hub created in Spain's Basque Country in 2005 to bring together the resources of state-of-the-art research, private industry and government to accelerate the search to identify, prevent and cure sources of human disease.
Created to bring together the region's most marketable audience with the best business partners, Lake Erie Living will release the first issue in spring 2007.
Gerard MESTRALLET also announces the launch of the new "Paris EUROPLACE Financial cluster", the goal of which is to bring together academics and professionals from the banking, the insurance and the asset management industries to foster research and development, and more particularly to:
I am thrilled to bring together two organizations that have historically proven their dedication to advancing the ethics and compliance profession and the role of ethics and compliance in the marketplace," said Darcy.