to the contrary

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Despite millennia of moral teachings to the contrary, some people are going to murder, rape, mutilate, and torture others, and there seems to be no certain way to predict who will, or to prevent them from doing so.
Indeed, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, alcohol is not perceived by most Americans as being particularly dangerous.
properties revealed that they had not been transferred to the Company in accord with the acquisition agreements, despite documentation to the contrary.
Claudia Hepburn, director of education policy at the Fraser Institute, notes that, despite the popular belief to the contrary, research has shown that many Catholic home schoolers object to what is going on in the Catholic schools, from teachers not practising their faith, to the use of the textbooks (such as the Fully Alive series), which present sexually explicit material to very young children, and inadequate presentation of truths of the faith.
Lewinsky's testimony, her disclosures to confidante Linda Tripp about sexual encounters and phone sex, and similar disclosures to other friends of hers are overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
As such, taxpayers can be reasonably assured that the courts in those circuits will uphold taxpayers' reliance on revenue rulings, unless there is clear statutory language to the contrary.
Bonnie Erbe, host and creator, will accept the award on behalf of TO THE CONTRARY at the 22nd Annual AWRT Awards at the Waldorf Astoria, New York, on April 24, 1997.
Iridian Technologies today reaffirmed the termination of its Agreement with LG in response to LG's statements to the contrary.