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In this article, I've suggested that you create a master to-do list if you don't have one.
A window pane appears on the left side of Projectbook's screen which provides views of your notes, folders, tags and to-do items by name.
Prioritize the to-do list so you know where to start.
When I'm so busy and have so much going on," Dave said, "I just have to breathe and do a little bit of work on an item on my to-do list," to get back on track.
A to-do list is designed to make agent available time more productive, allowing time for agents to learn a new skill set or read up on new product information.
One thing I have learned from years of making to-do lists is that they must always be manageable.
In fact, to be brutally honest, if you have a to-do list of your own, make sure reading this isn't on it.
If an item has been on a to-do list for more than six months, it probably shouldn't have been placed there to begin with.
Logitech offers a digital pen that enables you to skip that step and get on to the rest of your to-do list.
In this text we are reminded that there is one activity that cannot wait, one practice that cannot be shoved to the bottom of the to-do list, and that is prayer.