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David Jeffells of Fields in Trust, Cllr Tracy Harvey, Jill Fidan and Sarah Ross, neighbourhood manager, with the toadstool
Thieves took a range of ornaments from a garden in Epinay Walk, Jarrow, South Tyneside, including a stone shih tzu dog, a metal bird bath, two garden gnomes and a toadstool.
When they got to the big clump of toadstools Isobel said: "That's the one," pointing to a large toadstool.
Thanks to ducting routed out through a funnel, the toadstools are also connected to the cafe.
It's a beautiful red toadstool and is part of our healthy school project.
Toadstool is the only bookstore in New Hampshire to earn a spot on the list, which is featured in Yankee's November/December issue.
A month later, 241 Marines and their four-story building disappeared beneath the towering toadstool.
Christine Hale, 57, suffered multiple organ failure thought to have been caused by the death cap toadstool.
ALTHOUGH more and more people are growing their own produce and picking wild berries and fruits, sensibly, most people would run a mile from picking, cooking and eating a mushroom or toadstool found in the wild.
Much study and a hunt with mushroom experts are good ideas, and when doubt remains, leaving that toadstool in place and heading to the supermarket really isn't such a bad option.
Pictured is a pretty vintage woven dress for baby girls with toadstool or fairy designs, priced pounds 26.
They know our stock and are capable of answering questions and offering guidance," said Regina Barnes, manager of the Toadstool Bookshop in Milford.