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The next it reverts back to its royal toadying role and screens a fawning 90-minute commercial for Prince Charles.
This is Mode, not Dog Fancy,'' sneers Wilhelmina's toadying assistant (Michael Urie).
Don't worry, dear readers, my Republican credentials are still intact - there was no curtseying or toadying to the Royals.
Democracy is not well served by this deliberate polarization of issues, or by toadying to it.
When we left them at the end of the second series, David was begging for his job back after beingmaderedundant,whileGareth (Mackenzie Crook) was toadying to the bosses after promotion.
The governments of Spain and Italy could also tumble because of their toadying.
With toadying sycophants like Tony Blair around one wonders if the evil emperor Dubya ``let's bomb everyone'' Bush needs any more help TERRY BANFIELD Fairview Court.
Maybe in America such work could offer a useful counterpoint to the toadying reportage found on CNN.