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Spread a piece of toasted pumpernickel bread with cashew butter, then top with the warm sprouts and a sprinkle of Romano cheese.
The peak dough mixing time increased when using toasted soy flakes.
Smith of the University of Calgary History Department toasted the First Nations--a toast that was not given in 1901.
With the option to order any sandwich Toasted we are also introducing a lineup of four all new Toasted sandwiches.
We know that toasting a sub brings out its true flavors, so what better way to celebrate National Cookie Day than with a toasted cookie?
1/2 cup chopped pistachio nuts, toasted almonds OR toasted pecans
Now through November 8, 2008, Arby's is offering its Market Fresh Toasted Subs, including fries and a drink, for only $5.
What customers may not know is that our cookies also can be toasted," said Susan Lintonsmith, Chief Marketing Officer and Unofficial Toasted Cookie Expert.
2 cups toasted, skinned, coarsely chopped hazelnuts
Sunblest Raisin Toast, designed to be eaten when toasted, smells and tastes delicious and is quite unlike any other bread product currently on sale in Ireland.
Arby's Toasted Subs officially debuts nationwide today adding four new deli-inspired sandwiches available from the convenience of a drive-thru.
New Ad Campaign, 'Life Tastes Better With KFC,' Debuts in Toasted Wrap Spot this Week