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Hawaiian: Spread a toasted sweet roll or English muffin with pineapple or mango jam.
The researchers saw that 35% of consumers liked the control bread, while 65% liked a product containing any level of toasted soy flakes.
It features microchip technology for consistent toasting; a Sure Stop safety shutoff; Bagel Smart switch for evenly toasted bagels and breads; slide-out front-access crumb tray; extra-wide slots; a cancel button to stop toasting in mid cycle; cool-touch exterior; and a toast-boost button.
Smith of the University of Calgary History Department toasted the First Nations--a toast that was not given in 1901.
With the option to order any sandwich Toasted we are also introducing a lineup of four all new Toasted sandwiches.
The company takes barrel staves and mills them down in to "battens" of "clean, virgin wood" that are then toasted with the firm's proprietary FIRVIN process.
If so, you need to enter the Echo's Toasted Turner competition.
1/2 cup chopped pistachio nuts, toasted almonds OR toasted pecans
Now through November 8, 2008, Arby's is offering its Market Fresh Toasted Subs, including fries and a drink, for only $5.
Tonnellerie Garonnaise's Exquis barrel is formed with staves that have undergone 36 months of seasoning and are bent with a combination of water and steam "to provide finesse and elegance," then toasted for "power and depth.
1/2 cup chopped, toasted Brazil nuts (1/2-inch size)
Sunblest Raisin Toast, designed to be eaten when toasted, smells and tastes delicious and is quite unlike any other bread product currently on sale in Ireland.