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She put a damp cloth over the toaster, closed all the doors and left the house.
Contact: Galen Dively, President Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation Phone: 802-751-8431 Email http://burntimpressions.
The most expensive – a Sage Smart Toaster and an Alessi, both PS170 – failed to make the top four.
And a [euro]120 Magimix toaster was second from bottom of the ratings.
The two-piece, pop-up bread toaster is actually custom-designed from China.
First, hold your toaster upside down over the bin and shake it or tap it on the bottom so any lingering crumbs fall out.
The toaster was one of the first pop-up toasters made in the UK.
Head of design and technology at the school Wendy Ward said: "The pupils had to think of different consumer needs so they were asked to think about designing a toaster for a chav, a busy working mother and someone who is very stylish.
The popping element of a toaster is totally unnecessary.
Worried nurses in Ward 15 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary found their new toaster broke after switching it on yesterday morning, leaving patients without breakfast.
There has been little development of the toaster since the start of the century, and while other appliances have developed and improved, incorporating new technologies and thinking, toasters have remained relatively untouched.
Don't forget that the toaster oven is quick, convenient, easy to use and energy-efficient.