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New packaging unifies the range and differentiates the toasting products from the rest of the Kingsmill portfolio.
Most Americans follow this tradition when toasting today.
For consideration, please submit all toasting videos to brand@toastmasters.
Quiznos was founded in 1981 by chefs who discovered that toasting brought out the best in every sandwich ingredient.
There's nothing wrong with toasting without liquor.
Oxford University students employed a similar toasting technique well into this century - substituting portable space heaters in their dorm rooms.
Whether toasting bagels or favorite artisanal breads, everyone has unique preferences on degree of toasting and our latest toasters make it easier to get specific, consistent results.
Toasting can get a little more elaborate than ``Cheers'' around the holidays.
Torani Has Partnered With Toasting Guru Deborah Herman, Author of 'Toasts for All Occasions' to Create a Menu of Flavorful Drinks and Joyous Toasts to Make Holiday Gatherings Sparkle
Choose bread that toastTs well and cut away the crusts after toasting it.
Toasting and bourbon have a connection as old as bourbon itself.
The survey reveals the "Top 25" Americans who best epitomize five universal toasting themes: "Love," "Health," "Happiness," "Prosperity" and "Peace.