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We believe we have developed the art of toasting into a real science and the products will deliver the best possible toasting experience for the consumer.
WineStix's products are produced with French and American oak and what it says is a unique milling process that exposes the long and short grain of the wood, leading to a gradient of toasting that provides more flavor complexity.
The machine provides temperature control and uniform heating that applies even toasting through the barrel stave.
Boswell said the absence of an open flame means there's less smoky flavor imparted to the wood and almost zero chance of the staves blistering during the toasting process.
At toasting time, Post suggests everyone else lift their glass to eye, face or chin level - and after the toast everyone should touch glasses with the person on the right and left and those in the immediate proximity.
Because every cooper is essentially using the same trees, McCarthy says that proprietary toasts and toasting methods can really provide the custom elements that differentiate barrels.
Standard toasting profiles range from medium to medium-plus or heavy toast for American oak, and the heads are toasted or not, depending on the wine-maker's style.
The toasting book includes a detachable entry form for a contest of favorite toasts, promising 50 winners prizes of glasses, shirts or caps.
Toneleria Nacional is adopting toasting techniques from the oak alternatives business and applying them to whole barrels.
Choose bread that toastTs well and cut away the crusts after toasting it.
The technology of toasting barrels hasn't advanced a whole lot in the past few centuries.
During his 25 years at Columbia Winery, Lake has noticed some positive changes in barrel toasting techniques.