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It's a bit far for me to go, so I don't make the trip very often, but you can see the togetherness.
The Festival is also a time of family togetherness.
As far as that is concerned it is the best togetherness I have had at a team.
Commission staff provided numerous examples highlighting how the togetherness value is integrated within the Commission.
They have a good togetherness, they have a great concentration level.
While the joy and anticipation of the festival is still obvious, people whose family members are performing Haj this year say they will miss many of their regular traditions, as well as the feeling of togetherness.
We wouldn't have got through it without the togetherness of the group.
That togetherness is key, but then you have players like Ashley Williams at the back, a great captain and real leader in the centre of defence, Aaron Ramsey, our own Ben Davies, a real talent, and, of course, Gareth Bale.
Overall, the intensity and togetherness of our game isn't quite there at the moment.
The 6,000-year tradition revives the spirit of affection, kindness and togetherness in families.
Ballard is expanding a point he made in a 1979 interview with Penthouse: Urging us to consider people in traffic jams and on escalators, he said, "It's a new kind of togetherness which may seem totally alien, but it's the togetherness of modern technology.
WAYNE ROONEY believes England's belief and togetherness can inspire Roy Hodgson's team to victory over Italy in their Euro 2012 quarter-final on Sunday.