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From his dark castle the King looked out on the happy flowers, who nodded gayly to him, and in sweet colors strove to tell him of the good little Spirit, who toiled so faithfully below, that they might live.
Then out into the gardens went Violet with a heavy heart; for she had toiled so long, her strength was nearly gone.
And while the Elves wept, he told them how patiently she had toiled, how her fadeless love had made the dark cell bright and beautiful.
Laurence," said his Grandfather, "if ever you should doubt that man is capable of disinterested zeal for his brother's good, then remember how the apostle Eliot toiled.
The tears gushed into the eyes of Laurence, and he acknowledged that Eliot had not toiled in vain.
Twelve hours a day, six in the twilight, and six in the dark, they toiled on the trail.
He toiled on and did his best, while he renewed his resolve to steer clear of Daylight in the future.
So Martin did not scorch that, and eased down on his muscular tension, though nervous tension rose higher than ever, and he listened sympathetically to the other's blasphemies as he toiled and suffered over the beautiful things that women wear when they do not have to do their own laundrying.
He slept in the shade of the trees, toiled aimlessly through the newspaper, and spent long hours lying on his back, doing nothing, thinking nothing.
Down the frozen waterway toiled a string of wolfish dogs.
In advance of the dogs, on wide snowshoes, toiled a man.
He toiled as few men ever toiled, and all his lifetime he toiled for others.