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Inexhaustible toilers like Sharshenbek Abdykerimov are able to recover the national economy of the country.
I called Alison to get her take on the toilers of today and it became immediately clear that the Vancouver resident is just as passionate about the breed now as she was in 1975 when she took possession of her first toiler pup.
The toilers and moilers, released from the dull routine of daily life, entered heartily into the enjoyment of the spectacle, and applauded every piece of good play, whether by friend or foe.
Mostly males, they were all drawn in the period around 1830 and include a wide range of local landowners, professionals, tradesmen and working class toilers - from singer to chemist, and building labourer to the Duke of Northumberland.
Benefit cuts by a Tory-led Government busy scything pay packet-filling tax credits while it vindictively drives down the value of wages, are an indefensible attack on the living standards of an army of toilers and strivers.
Other items - song sheets and books, record sleeves - range in date from 1895 to 1989, the latter being Solidarity forever [sic]; Songs for UMWA [United Mine Workers of America] on strike against the Pittston Coal Company, and the former Labor March composed, and to the Toilers of the Nation Respectfully Dedicated by Rud.
But there exists outside this relatively tiny circle a wide range of forceful dissent among the lower-level toilers of globalisation.
Ferguson may have a school janitor's surliness, with those he doesn't respect, but he has an unforced affinity with fellow toilers in a rough trade.
Neighborhoods were ranked by "urban area disadvantage index" scores, calculated by the percentage of children living in households without piped water, flush toilers, electricity, or nonpolluting cooking fuel; whose mothers were unemployed or uneducated; and whose households were over crowded or among the poorest 40%.
In the decades of wars, economic crises, and explosive class battles that lay ahead, the weight of the toilers of Africa in shaping the future will be greater than ever before.
His departure from Renault - allied to that of his sidekick, team Number Two, Pat Symonds, - will hopefully rescue the French team and its 750 honest toilers from exclusion from the championship as innocent victims of Briatore's duplicity and denial when he ordered his recently-fired driver Nelson Piquet to deliberately crash his car in last year's Singapore Grand Prix to boost preferred teammate Fernando Alonso's chances of victory.
About two hours after midnight on Friday morning "Y Garw" received its "baptism of fire," and 19 of the mine toilers of the Lluest Colliery were hurled to eternity.