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Successful toilet training requires that the child have the capacity to control his bladder and bowel.
There are different types of toilet training methods available.
Don't worry if there are any setbacks in your toilet training.
Rather, toilet training should be restored as everybody's business and placed as a priority on everyone's agenda and radar.
Judith Hough and Diane Titterton launched their Dry Like Me toilet training pads for children two years ago.
Parents needing guidance on toilet training can contact us for information and support.
The essential points regarding toilet training are:
Issues range from toilet training to talks on sexuality.
Like other milestones, such as walking and talking, children vary considerably over when they are ready to start toilet training.
When my first son, Bennett, was toilet training, he did so with such single-mindedness, it was almost as though he suspected that we were giving out cash prizes at the end.
He is also looking for information on dealing with toilet training issues or toileting issues, when the child is beyond the preschool years.
Erinn Klatt began toilet training her son at birth and said he has not wet his bed at night since he was 6 months old.