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We went down accordingly into the waste, and began to make our toilsome and devious travel towards the eastern verge.
As he helped Jos through his toilsome and complicated daily toilette, this faithful servant would calculate what he should do with the very articles with which he was decorating his master's person.
I may pass from the suicide at the Shivering Sand, with its strange and terrible influence on my present position and future prospects, to interests which concern the living people of this narrative, and to events which were already paving my way for the slow and toilsome journey from the darkness to the light.
But the forms of the transfer were no sooner completed, and the new government acknowledged, than swarms of that restless people, which is ever found hovering on the skirts of American society, plunged into the thickets that fringed the right bank of the Mississippi, with the same careless hardihood, as had already sustained so many of them in their toilsome progress from the Atlantic states, to the eastern shores of the "father of rivers.
It emerged once more, into the shadowy and uncertain light--higher now, but not much, for the way was steep and toilsome, and its progress very slow.
It was a toilsome journey up-stairs to his room, and he re-entered its dark solitary precincts in unutterable misery.
On the occasion of such conferences, they generally appeared in the office some half an hour after their usual time, and in a very smiling state, as though their late plots and designs had tranquillised their minds and shed a light upon their toilsome way.
Albacete " reminded us that there is no circumstance, not even the most difficult and toilsome, that can prevent the 'I' from having a daily dialogue with the Mystery," Carron said in an Oct.
Repetitive and toilsome, domestic labor is presented in such a fashion as to debunk the myth that so-called "women's work" is any less demanding, intensive, tiring, or necessary than the more socially valued labor performed by men (and women) in public workplaces.
When someone decides to learn a role in Czech, he/she is a truly professional singer, since it is toilsome and time-consuming.
I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all.
A Cambodian woman said: "Over here, I feel that it is really toilsome [xinku] to zuo yuezi.