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Use of a token economy to increase compliance during hemodialysis.
Junn (1994) took a different approach to the token economy by reinforcing classroom participation in the form of asking questions or of contributing to ongoing class discussion.
11 (range 0-3) reported migraines during the school-based token economy and escape extinction.
The explained token economy (tickets as 'tips') provided students with immediate reinforcement following the completion of a successful service experience.
Sullivan and O'Leary (1990) also compared the effectiveness of both response cost and token economy procedures.
The CDT program environment also operates a token economy that reinforces pro-therapeutic and appropriate social behaviors among its participants.
Are the principles of token economy effective in strengthening adaptive behaviors, or weakening non-adaptive behaviors, in this patient population?
Therefore, implementing a token economy in preschool classrooms has the potential to be an effective means to manage behavior problems.
Token economy system plus response cost: tokens are taken back from participants for rule violation and participants can receive additional opportunities for regain tokens.
The positive behavior support plans, which included a variety of positive interventions, such as self-monitoring, praise, and a token economy produced marked improvements in appropriate classroom behavior as a result, thus reducing the likelihood that their access to school programs would be restricted in the future.
The results were that an error-correction procedure and token economy produced effective results in all participants.
1] of the experiment, both participants utilized a token economy system of reinforcement in which stars were drawn on a grid.