token payment

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The fee is regarded by the BBC as an "honorarium", or token payment at pounds 1,300 an hour for the annual show over the last 27 years.
We want to end the out-dated view of people with learning disabilities in sheltered workshops receiving a token payment.
Drivers receive a token payment and mileage expenses of just under 36p a mile from their home to the Brynmawr depot where they pick up the delivery vans.
I offered him a young sheep off the hill and a haunch of venison as a token payment but he was having none of it.
I'm going to commend him for it and direct a token payment of pounds 500.
They received a token payment of pounds 50 for taking part, but anyone judged to be at risk of developing gum disease was excluded.
Producer Duncan Weldon had demanded compensation of pounds 500,000, but accepted the token payment from Fry along with pounds 255,000 from insurers.
Surely the first step is for academics in African universities to work for a token fee in their universities, to show their patriotism and accept the honour of representing their university as payment; then consultant doctors in African hospitals should work for the same token payment, and accept being remunerated by their work adding prestige to the hospital.
I am extremely lucky and in no way resent paying a small token payment for this collection.
50 for what would cost more than $30 in the supermarket, a token payment but one that matters.
Mr Belhaj, who is also is also suing former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and ex-senior MI6 official Sir Mark Allen, is reported saying he wants an apology, an admission of liability and a token payment of '1 from each.
Hockey India also made a one- time token payment of ` 2 lakh each to the 34 living gold medallist -- eight of whom could not be present due to illness or settlement abroad -- but that was not the highlight of the function.