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In hindsight I'"If they were throwing snowballs at moving cars they deserved to be told off.
There was to be no bombardment by our artillery, and men were to leave the front line as silently as possible; each man was to carry as many bombs as he could and a number of men were told off as bomb-carriers.
I just thought I was being a good citizen and was upset to be told off.
The 'Burn' hitmaker was at the Shoreditch House, East London where she arrived at 7pm with six friends and was left red faced when a pal began taking pictures in the club, which has a no-photos policy, only to allegedly be told off, Contactmusic reported.
In the caption, he said the boy was upset after being told off for leaving the production line of Apple's iPhone 5.
JAMES ARTHUR has been told off CLARK over his bed-hopping antics.
She is a lovely girl and generally very well behaved but when she misbehaves she's never told off.
Some people have to park in cul-de-sacs to drop their children off at school, and some people get told off for pulling over and letting their children jump out of the car.
It works best with mum rather than dad because teenagers use more reasoned arguments when being told off by a mother.
She has revealed she was told off for posing in a bikini for a photoshoot.
Summary: Miquita Oliver has been told off by her bosses after an incident involving US pop star Kesha.
When the man was told off, he just replied with more obscene language.