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Streep single-handedly elevates this sitcomy but tolerably entertaining adaptation of Lauren Weisberger's bestselling 2003 roman a clef about a personal assistant's year of chic hell under the thumb of the dragon lady of the fashion world.
We have got through this season tolerably - we've invested pounds 43 million in the team, so we've not tightened the purse strings too much.
Most programmes are tolerably intelligent during the week but, come Friday evening, the schedules are given over to such imbecilic nonsense that the little green men would suppose humans must remove their brains for weekend cleaning.
An "efficient" balance sheet is one bolstered with borrowed cash costing far less than any tolerably competent manager can earn on it.
Current legislation forbade continuing the experienced assistance that was being given, to the detriment of those who had been previously enabled to live tolerably non-criminal normal lives.
Jaja, flamboyant, uninhibited and a compulsive liar, is able to speak tolerably well and to lip read, so communication isn't a problem.
In their home match against Otley, which they won by scoring four good tries, Bees handled the Otley scrummage tolerably well.
How many golf clubs can you visit and find a great ale, if not on the premises, then tolerably close at hand?
Even though the last three months stand up tolerably on a yearly comparison here and there - output of capital goods up 3.
They couldn't get it at a tolerably profitable price and preferred to do nothing rather than keep the factories humming to no financial purpose.
The very existence of the target and growing confidence that the Bank is doing its tolerably capable best to meet it does seem to have been self-fulfilling -even if some people are harder to convince than others.
In the mid 18th century it was quite possible to live tolerably well in Bath on a modest income, while for the painter himself an extra advantage was potential sitters tended to stay for several weeks - six weeks was the norm - during which time the painter could work his way through a sitting.