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0002 may not carry the life-or-death implications that tolerance in other aspects of life does, but it still requires the patience of Job, understanding of Confucius and dogged determination of Einstein to, at times, bridge and resolve
Ukrainians also saw tolerance of people of different religions as getting worse over the same period but not to the same degree.
This action followed on the United Nations Year for Tolerance, 1995, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 at the initiative of UNESCO, as outlined in the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and Follow-up Plan of Action for the Year.
To order this report: Drug_Discovery_and_Development Industry : Pre-Diabetes/Impaired Glucose Tolerance Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2013
The proportion of people picking this answer from any given country was then used to show the relative tolerance of that society.
A new study of linkages among early SR, acquired tolerance, alcohol use, and alcohol-related problems among problem drinkers has found that a low, early subjective response - an ability to "hold one's liquor" - may protect against problems in the short term, but likely becomes a risk factor for longer-term problems as tolerance to alcohol develops.
This chapter introduces different graphical approaches like the Catena, Quickie and Generic Capsule methods to perform assembly tolerance stack analysis for various geometrical tolerances.
International Day of Tolerance is basically celebrated for four basic principles which the committee will promote among people.
It is given to a Gulf personality who has worked to promote the culture of religious tolerance and understanding among Gulf societies.
EPA set a special, time limited tolerance for this use.
Tolerance design is one of the important aspects of mechanical design, because it affects both the functional performance and manufacturing cost of a product.
Temperature tolerance was significantly related to acclimation temperature and the latter accounted for a majority of variation in both lower (97%) and upper (98%) temperature tolerance.