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minutus from the upper reach has an adaptively enhanced osmoregulatory ability and tolerance limit to low salinity compared with individuals from the more saline sites.
The impacts of single metal on the fish have been mostly evaluated while studies on tolerance limits of fish to the metal mixture (more than three metals) are scarce (Kazlauskiene et al.
Therefore, in order to conserve freshwater fisheries in the Punjab province, it is pertinent to reveal their tolerance limits against mixtures of iron, lead, nickel, manganese and zinc under acute exposures in the laboratory.
The tolerance limits of three fish species in terms of 96 h lethal concentrations of Cr reveals that L.
Only 3% samples were having the levels higher than the tolerance limits.
Estimates for required third-party services such as title insurance or closing attorney fees have a 10 percent tolerance limit.
Now, following users-group standards, the policy is set: The pipette is calibrated quarterly at three volumes (20 [micro]L, 100 [micro]L, 200 [micro]L) with defined tolerance limits for accuracy and precision.
Another difficulty with this centralized approach was that, although the reagent lab did the actual calibration, each individual department was responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and calibration frequency of its pipettes, as well as setting pipette-specific tolerance limits.
Thus it is possible to decide "block" in a situation where the individual attributes are still within the specified tolerance limits, but the overall quality is unacceptable for the customer.
As an aid to manufacturers building communications equipment for opportunities such as HomePlugAV and VDSL, ST is testing all production units to minimum and maximum tolerance limits.