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Larry Sheffield, senior vice president of the Solutions Platform Group for NEC Solutions America believes that a Linux-based fault tolerant server solution is critical for organizations looking to maximize system uptime.
Of the remainder, only 9 gave progeny that failed to depart from the expected 3:1 ratio; 8 of them gave too small a proportion of tolerant plants.
However, this configuration is not fault tolerant and cannot scale easily.
Plants are more tolerant of competition when they're young and when there's ample water and nutrients.
We are proud to receive the prestigious 'Best of Comdex' distinction for our fault tolerant server," said Kozo Yoshimatsu, Vice President, Server Business Unit for NEC Computers.
NEC's fault tolerant servers create a new opportunity for Value Added Resellers seeking higher margin sales and service contracts," said Vernon Turner, International Data Corporation (IDC).