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Taft (1969) suggested the term ego permissiveness to convey the ego's willingness to tolerantly relinquish some of its power in order to allow the actualization of the potentialities of the pre-conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality, just as a permissive parent or leader takes the repressive pressure off subordinate elements in the system so that they can grow.
He stood there spreading his hands over all the weakness and suffering of mankind; she thought he was surveying, tolerantly, compassionately, their final destiny.
The Sioux Indian Christian received no answer from his audience," reports one of the attendees, who then goes on to ponder: "We may smile tolerantly at what we regard as his simplistic reading of the biblical narratives.
We find older fathers rather touching and smile tolerantly.
We moderns congratulate ourselves too often on how tolerantly we'd have handled such a culture clash.
Each being has its Self-defense in times of anxious despair: The exhausted stag stands and shows To the pack of hounds its furrowed antlers, The chamois drags the hunter over the precipice-- Even the plow-ox, the gentle fellow-dweller Of man, which its monstrous power Tolerantly bends its neck under the yoke Rises up, irritated, whets its powerful horn, And flings the enemy to the clouds.
He also said the rallies were conducted in a peaceful manner and police dealt with them tolerantly.
In the latter he never conceded that standards of performance might be judged more tolerantly in the improvised conditions: "We have listened to and loved the Magical Flute from childhood.
We have also found appropriately national but unenumerated powers through tolerantly expansive interpretations of the constitutional text.
The group just smiled at me tolerantly and busied themselves with the clinical day ahead.
One victim, showing the Americans' love affair with firearms, tolerantly remarked: 'I understand people have to celebrate.
But after looking at lots of sites with silly twiddles posing as art, animated tricks by people who have discovered Flash, you start thinking tolerantly about the virtues of the all-text site.