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Wilcoxon tests were run for emergent amphibious tolerator, terrestrial damp and terrestrial dry functional groups comparing paired quadrats for each species before and after the watering event.
John Rawls's position on the agents of international toleration needs to be mentioned here given that it provides an example on how we can conceptualize the possible tolerators in international domain.
Power: the tolerator believes herself to have the power to alter or suppress what is tolerated;
1) The subordinate is neither a stress tolerator nor a ruderal, that is, the dominant is better both benthically and pelagically.
In these resource-poor communities, dominated by stress tolerators, additional N would favor the invasion of more competitive species, especially grasses.
001 Notes: Diversity values were recalculated using only the 16 woody species that were endemics, indicators, or tolerators.
The analysis, conducted by research consultancy Directional Insights, split consumers into seven categories shopaholics, shopaphobes, shopping tolerators, quality seekers, price sensitive, traditionalists and online geeks, reported Australian commuter newspaper mX.
Our late-modern notion of tolerance is usually advocated by those who have already attained such power that they can afford to "tolerate" their opponents--so long, it must be noted, as the tolerated abide by the rules laid down by the tolerators and thus offer no threat to established authority.
The particular sort of essentialization at work here combines ethnicity, religion and politics (national and international) because it invokes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to create, or to radicalize, an effect of polarization within France by postulating an opposition between "the Jews" as such (for whom the accusers claim to speak) and all those who express an opposition to Israeli policies and are accused as a result of being anti-semites or, at the least, highly suspect tolerators of anti-semitism.
Tolerators of sodomy have learned well from their brothers, the tolerators of prenatal infanticide.
By contrast, toleration as a modus vivendi is merely a practice accepted by the tolerators from a self-interested point of view.
We believe that the dominance of shade tolerators in the Amazonian caatingas reflects, in part, a long history without major disturbance: there is little likelihood of fire because the forest is waterlogged for much of the year, and the region is tectonically stable and unaffected by hurricanes (Coomes and Grubb 1996).