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The expert groups of power, anti-malaria, medical treatment and agriculture dispatched by the Chinese government have substantially helped the people of Sao Tome and Principe solve their difficulties and improve their livelihood with tangible results.
Even if oil were to be dis- covered, this industry would offer relatively few jobs to the residents of SEuo Tome and PrE[degrees]ncipe, while tourism tends to create lots of employment.
Some investors in the country have also criticised the poor standards of service, while Sao Tome city is full of crumbling buildings and potholed roads.
The Sao Tome and Principe Investment Forum is a 2 day online exhibition featuring virtual exhibition booths, a networking lounge and countless interactive possibilities between all participants.
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Since 1998, Sao Tome and Principe has markedly improved its fiscal position and that in turn has led to the resumption of international aid programmes, cancellation of part of its debt, and resulted in a reported 5% growth in 2014.
The representative of Sao Tome and Principe expressed interest in teaching students of the country in educational institutions of Kazakhstan.
foreign assistance to Sao Tome and Principe is focused on improving the professionalism and capacity of the country's small military and coast guard and enhancing its maritime security efforts.
The idea of calling SEuo Tome and PrE[degrees]ncipe 'the center of the world' because of its geographic position is maybe a humorous one," the ambassador says, "but truly, we are in the center of Africa and our country is just a short journey away from most of Europe.
From the outset the Portuguese in Sao Tome recruited slave labor on the African mainland, initially from the Kingdom of Benin and thereafter predominantly from Kongo and Angola.
Tome joined The Home Depot in 1995 and has served as chief financial officer since 2001.