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It is hard to doubt that harmony and tonal structure figure prominently in the musical rhetoric of a composer with Bach's incomparable harmonic imagination and great sensitivity to text.
Faith's guitar lines are the perfect blend of exquisite hand craftsmanship and tonal quality accompanied by an affordable price point," said Jake Connolly, president of Connolly Music, "We're thrilled to offer these exceptional instruments through our network of select dealers.
This peer-reviewed study shows without doubt, that in a clinical setting, Acoustic CR Neuromodulation offers both progressive and sustainable therapeutic benefit to people affected by chronic tonal tinnitus.
Joseph Riepiel's Theory of Metric and Tonal Order: Phrase and Form" is a solid work of truly exceptional scholarship by John Walter Hill and the twentieth volume in the Pendragon Press 'Harmonologica: Studies in Music Theory' series.
Results from these studies led to the development of a tonal noise correction factor to be added to the metric that had been used to quantify human perception to aircraft noise, Perceived Noise Level (PNL).
Overall, theirs was a joyful view of the work with no schmaltzy rhythm-bending and their matching song-like tonal beauty faithfully revealing Brahms' genius.
It suggests an account of what goes on in the brain, when a listener identifies the metrical and tonal structure of the piece he is listening to.
Chapter 1 ("Intervals, Transformations, and Tonal Analysis") focuses on transmitting foundational Lewinian concepts (e.
The current paper focuses on Livonian quantity and tonal system.
They've all - as well numerous other top artists -- entrusted dance remixes of their hit singles to Alex Lasarenko, the Founder/Creative Director of original music house Tonal (www.
In cases where vibrato (buzzy) and more purely tonal notes join, each is considered a separate note.
Superbly delivered without any hint of ennui, the tonal balance was perfectly judged and every turn of phrase elegantly crafted - with a gorgeous bonus in Eduardo Vassallo's cello coda.