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Dream-like tonalities, portraying childhood memories, were a powerfully effective unifying factor, but it was frustrating not to hear more imaginative orchestration for this colourful range of wood and brass instruments in the slower movements.
Casual Tonalities, a division of the animation studio Klasky Csupo, announced the "The Rugrats Movie Score" CD release, composed by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame and performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra, from the record-breaking blockbuster film "The Rugrats Movie.
Alluring and somewhat fearsomely empty, the shifting flesh-and-paper tonalities hold the images at a liminal point where the bodily shades toward the semiotic.
This in particular drew attention to the music's unifying factors, allowing consonant tonalities to ring out, dissolving the impact of dissonance and emphasizing the frequently recurring 'theme of God'.
The cool gray is enlivened by its rich tonalities -- an unassuming color statement with an attitude.
The tonalities smolder down into the purple and black that emerge in 7 and 8 so that (except for a few random swabs of red in 9) the last two canvases have the purely graphic and summary quality of black marks on an uninflected white page.
It makes its points through strong tonalities, naturally-inflected verbal rhythms, and exotic sounds from the orchestra: colourful percussion, fingerboard-slapping strings and keypad-rattling winds.
The most promising prospects in the Mandor Blok II area lie within the western flank of a large batholith which has been intruded by a series of volcanic rocks, including quartz-diorite stocks, tonalities, andesites and rhyolites.
Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles) Very exciting to have the Getty deign to consider, much less commission, works by contemporary artists, yet despite the generally excellent roster, "Departures" was a dud--save for Prina's Vinyl IL Museological interrogation and dirge in the guise of a musical meditation on two paintings in the Getty's collection--one that looks like a de la Tour but isn't, the other a de la Tour that looks like it's by somebody else--the referential impact of the film skids gorgeously on the third meaning, the unquantifiable fun of Prina's bright red jumpsuit, and the elegiac tonalities of his singing voice.
Particularly telling was the poignancy with which Trotter conveyed the brave independence of bird-calls unashamedly standing out against serene universal tonalities - and how important was the luminous chord of A major to this visionary composer
For this human bond finds its visual expression not simply in the gestures and faces of Attia's subjects but in the very space and composition of the photos; not only the physical closeness and warm tonalities, but much more subtly, the visual stability of these images, devoid of the plunging vantage points, blurring, dissymmetry, and underexposure that spell "sordid.
Like Caulfield, Cook derives a poetics of repression from these grim tonalities.