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However, in its English version lately Al Jazeera has toned down its anti-Israel propaganda.
TV promos for new Bollywood movie 'Jism 2' are due to be shown on Indian television today -- however, clips of the raunchy thriller have been toned down, according to actor-turned-producer Dino Morea.
Even the famously excitable Ms Cotton has toned down for this nicely understated star search that doesn't shout at us, doesn't clumsily tug at our heart strings and doesn't assault the nation with wall-towall Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey cover versions.
London, June 6 (ANI): Coronation Street character Liz McDonald's outfits are being toned down as her low-cut tops look even more revealing in the super-sharp high-definition shots.
After Morris is released, Russell keeps escaping to be with his new beau; hardly your run of the mill comedy drama, previews show Carrey in fine form, happily a little toned down from his more manic turns from the Mask and Ace Ventura days, though.
POP star Lady Gaga toned down her normally raunchy dress sense for the Queen when she joined a host of stars at the Royal Variety Performance.
Proof of this is the statement from Monday's meeting of the EU-Macedonia Stabilization and Association Council, where the remarks about the elections were toned down and the name dispute was not even mentioned.
DEEP Purple frontman Ian Gillan returns with a solo set of surprising subtlety, his trademark vocal toned down as he flits between genres.
Croscill Home is offering toned down, nearly neutral metallics such as champagne and taupe with slight iridescence, said Melissa Wellington, designer for the bath department.
Schell, the interior design team assigned to the Tribeca Five lobby will utilize Chinese Red as the principal color but mix in several toned down colors to enhance the elegant, sophisticated feel of the building.
Ortega ran his campaign on the theme of "peace, love and reconciliation," and dramatically toned down his fiery Marxist rhetoric.
So rather than witness some of my colleagues threaten to commit seppuku (ritual disembowelment in Japanese), I took their advice and toned down the rhetoric.