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48) Prefix+stem words can have one drop from H to L, or they can be lexically toneless
For some time, Reeves thought her own illness was physically caused and was determined never to take psychiatric medication because of memories of her mother's "dead eyes and toneless voice.
It was impossible to discern, in Powell's steely manner, ancestor-laden syntax, and fixed, expressionless gaze, whether he really believed in the nation that he described with his toneless incantations.
Langdon was wooden and toneless for much of the script and the page-turning passion of the book was replaced with boring sequences of long, tedious dialogue.
But in an age whose rhetorical models are marked by toneless colloquialism, therapeutic cliches, political correctness, and dumbed-down simplicity, finding a meaty, forceful idiom won't be easy.
The biggest shocks in Fitzgerald prove all the more shocking for being conveyed in a flat, toneless voice.
The general expectation of anything in religion that is not expressed by a toneless ritual or dull dirge is beyond them.
Come down," he commands in a toneless voice; slowly she descends, with a crane shot from her point-of-view emphasizing both Parra's dominant position and his solitude (the black and white marble squares of the floor subtly suggesting as well the uncompromiseable political distinctions which separate the two).
Brad repeated, in a heart-breakingly toneless, defeated voice.
And there he hunches--dull, flat brown hair erratically parted; polo-shirted belly sagging over his rumpled, khakied lap; pale, toneless teacher-legs dramatically V-ing before the metal desk--dry as ever.
In phonological terms, the aspirated plosive will be assumed to contain the element H, while the unaspirated one will be toneless.
However, he does not give details of how a toneless weak syllable can acquire these variant pitch values.