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The Chinese also make use of two kinds of tone in their poetry, the Ping or even, and the Tsze or oblique.
One wrote a whole poem about it, and said the bell sounded like the voice of a mother to a good dear child, and that no melody was sweeter than the tones of the bell.
Quiet had been everywhere restored, except in Buckingham's heart; he, in his impatience, addressed himself to the princess, in a low tone of voice: "For Heaven's sake, madame, I implore you to hasten your disembarkation.
She could never let things be (this in a peculiar tone which he checked at once) and he really would take it very kindly of me if I came to break the tete-e-tete for a while (that is if I had no other engagement.
cried the learned man, in the gracious tone of a famished dog, disturbed over his bone.
Have not names and tones been given unto things that man may refresh himself with them?
The sound that had disturbed her was the distant murmur of men's voices (apparently two in number) talking together in lowered tones, at the garden entrance to the conservatory.
I am glad I was able to do you a service, my dear Anna Mikhaylovna," said Prince Vasili, arranging his lace frill, and in tone and manner, here in Moscow to Anna Mikhaylovna whom he had placed under an obligation, assuming an air of much greater importance than he had done in Petersburg at Anna Scherer's reception.
Scarcely had these tones sounded, everywhere there began tumult and sound, as if voices above and below the water.
he asked in a tone that ought to have made my blood run cold.
His deep voice dropped suddenly to a low and quiet tone as he spoke the parting words.
From his tone both Kitty and Anna knew that a reconciliation had taken place.