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The only moment for concern was when substitute Jimmy Hendry received a tongue-lashing from the referee shortly after coming on.
Ridgewell received a tongue-lashing from the Villa boss after he was redcarded, along with Albion's Jonathan Greening, after they clashed during the 1-1 draw at Villa Park last SundayBut the Wolves defender, who left Villa last summer in pounds 150,000 move, believes that Ridgewell has been harshly treated - both on and off the pitch.
Ramsay's tongue-lashing, which came after losing patience with the former minister on Hell's Kitchen, is in a short list of TV treats from 2004.
The spokesman said recent remarks by Bush referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as a tyrant were ''a base tongue-lashing that can be made only by the stupid.
Since Alsup's tongue-lashing, the Department of Interior has played another card in the controversy.
Laura probably aren't having a great time, millions of other listeners are vicariously savoring the verbal tongue-lashing handed out to somebody else.
Controversial TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has directed his vitriol at many things over the years and is now giving a tongue-lashing to one of his own books.
Unfortunately, this means that just about anyone can be the target of a good tongue-lashing.
Within hours, sources said the host site, Gabriel's Guides, which publishes yearly paper updates of buildings for apartment renters and buyers, got a tongue-lashing from Corcoran, and the Citi Habitat ad was banished.
But it couldn't save the Myresiders from a tongue-lashing from coach Pete Gallagher who snapped: "I'm happy with two points but it was one of our worst performances of the season.
EAMONN Holmes gave his wife a tongue-lashing on live TV for embarrassing him with a lewd remark.
The 30-year-old playboy felt the brunt of a tongue-lashing from Salpa, 26, after standing her up a week ago.