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Babies with tongue-tie aren't able to open their mouths wide enough to latch on to their mother's breast properly.
If a mother has attained a good latch, yet is still experiencing pain and/or the infant fails to sustain the latch, or the mother experiences gumming, chewing or chaffing of her nipple, lip tie and tongue-tie assessment are indicated.
I come across adults all the time and can tell they have a tongue-tie as they cannot stick their tongue out or move it around their mouth properly.
Treatment is a simple procedure involving division of the tongue-tie but previously parents had to travel out of the local area to access the service.
Tongue-tie release was observed to resolve or lessen this compression.
Mothers of newborns with tongue-tie frequently have a history of difficult nursing.
The tongue-tie does exactly what it says on the tin - ties the tongue down, looping round the bottom of a horse's jaw.
Trainer Nick Gifford said: 'He has really come to himself recently and the tongue-tie definitely helped.
He's back in distance and has blinkers and a tongue-tie on for the third race in a row.
However, again looked worryingly short of stamina when filling the same place here two weeks ago and the added tongue-tie will need to work if she's to see it out.
Davies was referring to the fitting of a tongue-tie and she explained: "When AP rode at Newton Abbot he came back and told me I should drop him in trip and fit a tongue-tie.