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BEIRUT: Lebanese designer Tony Ward Tuesday took aim at his ever-diversifying clientele with an equally varied line of haute couture based on the contrasts between lightness and darkness.
Summary: Members of the public took aim today at some familiar pop faces, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.
Skipper Ryan Jones and Stephen Jones had a stab at archery, while the Scarlets fly-half also took aim on the rifle range before flying off with some of his team-mates for a helicopter ride.
As snappers took shots of players coming out of the hotel at Royal Bafokeng, Capello took aim and blasted them.
The startled men dropped the dresser, while Stewart took aim and fired.
It seems the writer, Jeremy Clarkson, had a less-than-thrilling holiday in the States and Palmdale was one of many American targets at which he took aim.
Just a week after his speech, the Christian right took aim at Bush's long-standing refusal to impose limits on U.
Lee took aim from 25 yards out and fired a left-footed drive into the bottom corner of Higgs' goal.