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ACA's Polka also took aim at ESPN's "low blows" to direct Cox cable customers to DirecTV and EchoStar.
Jonathan So took aim at Vice President Dick Cheney in his third-place entry.
He then took aim at Major and continued firing until his gun was empty, striking his daughter's assailant in the abdomen, an arm, and a leg.
The Gillette (NYSE: G) resolution, which CBIS filed together with Walden Asset Management, took aim at the company's "classified" board policy, where staggered board terms allow shareholders to vote on only one-third of the company's directors - who serve three-year terms - each year.
There was an exchange of words, then Jessie James started to shoot his gun, then ran around a wall, took aim at Israel Escobar and shot him in the head,'' Deputy District Attorney Benny Osorio said.
Speaking before an assembled audience of venture capitalists, industry analysts, journalists and high-technology executives, HelloBrain CEO Ray Villareal took aim at "collaborative commerce" -- the recently-coined term for Web-enhanced business processes -- saying that current solutions "missed the point.
The annual "Pig Book" also took aim at Southern California projects, including $1 million for the Griffith Observatory planetarium in Los Angeles; $3 million for a grade separation in Hesperia; and $100,000 for a new pool at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, where the median annual income exceeds $76,000.
About Auguste, the "Running the Show" article says: "While other software makers were courting the sexy consumer market back in 1996, Donna Auguste took aim at a less glamorous crew: the harried systems administrators who maintain servers for heavily trafficked Websites.
KQED Sacramento bureau chief John Myers correctly reported that ``Kennedy took aim at Democrats .