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LONDON, Sept 6 (KUNA) -- Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron insisted Thursday that burglars are "cowards" after a judge reportedly told a criminal his raids took courage.
by email It took courage for the three church officials to resign, because of the threat of using police powers, and the ignominy of seeing these protesters being dragged away by the police, and maybe charged.
He proved in his own life that humility wasn't weakness but took courage and commitment, and brought the blessings which closeness to God always brings.
If it had not been for Mrs T practically the whole of the nation's newspaper industry would have been closed down by the communistic print barons whose outrageous demands and Spanish practices made a mockery of industrial workings and it took courage to take that lot on as I well know because I worked in the newspaper industry from leaving school.
He admits it took courage to set up in such a young sector, with a double hurdle to overcome - finding new customers from scratch and selling technologies without a proven track record.
It took courage for them to do that," said student Natalie, 40, who is married to landscape gardener Russell, 45.
It took courage to do this in the volatile 1960's, but not the kind that wins Congressional Medals of Honor.
I was afraid of my father so it took courage to write him an honest letter of apology.
Point out that it took courage for your daughter to risk further harassment.
It took courage for those behind ``Big River'' to include it - to say that things weren't and aren't always pleasant.
This statement boldly contradicted the conventional thinking of the time, and it took courage and insight on the part of Mr.
It took courage and will to make the people and their congressmen, most of whom regarded foreign aid as "operation rat hole," to face American responsibilities abroad.