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When Jesus said "Come", Peter got out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus, but then took fright and began to sink.
Bond markets took fright at the resulting sovereign debt (although not in the UK's case I should add) and governments panicked by imposing misguided austerity measures which have had the result of at best slowing growth and at worst pushing some economies back into double dip recession.
Tesco was going to enter the market two years ago but took fright and changed its mind.
The deal fell apart as Ladbrokes took fright at possible punitive damages resulting from a crackdown on Internet gambling by the US Department of Justice.
With yesterday's rally on Wall Street overshadowed by concern for the US economy, European markets also took fright and the Footsie lost 18.
When it became apparent that Thailand's real estate excesses would produce an upsurge of non-performing bank loans, investors took fright and sold the baht.
Plenty of dogs took fright - and flight - at booming and hissing Independence Day fireworks displays, and many of them haven't found their way home yet.
MISSING CAT Dizzy the cat took fright after a visit to the vet and now his owners are worried for his safety.
But some `rather unpleasant' politicians took fright and a senior government minister advised her to leave the country.
He was already carrying her off, "but," reported Therese, "I gave him such a look that he took fright, let me go and fled shamefacedly
A knight saw the ship sailing into port, his horse took fright, and plunged with its rider into the sea.
One day she took fright and flew up to the ceiling, where she got her claws stuck in the 1970s hessian wallpaper.