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Winger Martin was one of the kids who took the rap for the shocking Carling Cup defeat by Coventry and now Holloway has asked for him on loan with a view to a full-time switch.
It's about time the Government took the rap for this chaos instead of blaming everyone else.
And, just as in EastEnders when Derek took the rap for cannabis-growing Martin, Maz refuses to own up to save Jack.
Liam's junkie mom, Jean (Michelle Coulter), took the rap for one of lover Stan's crimes, and is due to get out of prison in 10 weeks - just in time for her son's 16th birthday.
soldiers slaughtered as many as 350 unarmed Vietnamese civilians, was a scapegoat who--though certainly guilty of perpetrating a heinous atrocity--also took the rap for Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, and a military command that waged total war on the population of Vietnam.
Father-of-two Mr Greenwood, of Billingham, said he originally took the rap to protect the firm's contract with the club, but that since he was laid off through lack of work, and as he did not want to do continental trips, he had found jobs hard to come by as prospective employers thought he had caused the damage.
Rome's Polly Walker is the glamorous wife of a career criminal and Natalie Gavin plays a young mum whose boyfriend took the rap for her drug-dealing.
Palermo coach Delio Rossi took the rap for the result.
Mr Swire said: ``They weren't Boris's comments anyway - they were written by somebody else and he took the rap because he's the editor, which is quite right.
In Germany 1988 and Sweden 1992 England were just dreadful and they all were to blame, although in the latter the Turnip took the rap after substituting national hero Gary Lineker in the final game.
Fulham insiders revealed that Davis and Knight took the rap and may have covered for some of their team-mates after five or six of them went out to celebrate after the win at Leicester last Saturday.
Magistrates expressed concern that the company was escaping without prosecution while the driver took the rap.