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Deliberation; consultation.A court takes a case under advisement after it has heard the arguments made by the counsel of opposing sides in the lawsuit but before it renders its decision.

See: advice, caveat, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, disclosure, guidance


(US) deliberation. Where the judge takes the matter under advisement he is considering his decision. See also AVIZANDUM, CUR. AD. VULT.

ADVISEMENT. Consideration, deliberation, consultation; as the court holds the case under advisement.

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The companies' are awaiting the Court's ruling on their motion for a directed verdict which the Court took under advisement.
Budd, who took under advisement whether to uphold the decision to reinstate David F.
The judge also took under advisement a motion for a new trial filed by Mr.
PAXTON - The Board of Selectmen Monday night took under advisement a request by Janusz A.
Judge Haggerty took under advisement several motions by assistant district attorneys Daniel J.
The Board of Selectmen last night took under advisement a request from Mr.
The judge took under advisement a motion to dismiss the case filed by defense lawyer Francis W.