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A typical claim in power tool cases is that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn the user of potential risks.
Applications could include, but are not limited to, hinges for electronic products (tablet stands or cell phone accessories), toys, tools, tool cases and bookends.
If you carry around soft-sided bags like camping duffels, sports bags and tool cases, you'll want labels that stand up to being squashed, mashed, soaked, yanked, dropped and rolled around.
MEZZI's line of aluminum cases comes in nearly all shapes, sizes and styles, including briefcases, laptop cases, netbook cases, iPad cases, rifle and gun cases, portfolio cases, makeup cases, CD storage cases, memory card cases, tool cases and cases for business cards, which has been an extremely popular custom bulk order for company gifts.
Both tool kits can be kept in one of the standard tool cases made by companies like Pelican.
Tool cases were hand carried to the site as needed for whatever kind of work we were doing.
Laser, based at Kineton Road industrial estate, is providing McRae's 30-strong team of mechanics with tools, tool cases and mechanical support.