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In one study, a tooth bud from a rat was removed, the cells were isolated, single-cell isolates were seeded onto a polymer scaffold which was grown in a rat omentum, and the teeth were removed after 12 weeks [Duailibi et al.
This is thought to result from the complete cleavage of a single tooth bud.
Early extraction may, however, be technically difficult and may result in fracture of the roots, or possible disturbance of the succedaneous tooth bud [Raghoebar et al.
Radiographs are needed to determine the position of the distal intragingival extension in relation to the tooth bud of the permanent first molar, multiple impressions may be required (study and working models), at placement local analgesia is needed in order to force the sharpened distal extension through the ridge (unless it is placed at the time of extraction).