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The present case shows multilocular expansile lesion, a displacement of tooth bud 37, and a thin inferior border of the mandible.
In one study, a tooth bud from a rat was removed, the cells were isolated, single-cell isolates were seeded onto a polymer scaffold which was grown in a rat omentum, and the teeth were removed after 12 weeks [Duailibi et al.
The dental sac is a condensation of mesenchymal tissue around the developing tooth bud.
The causes of supernumerary teeth are poorly understood, although many theories have been proposed, such as the phylogenetic process of atavism and the dichotomy of the tooth bud.
It has been suggested that abnormal local pressures, such as ectopic position of the tooth bud, may be a stimulating factor [Seow, 1999b].
This is believed to result from the partial division of a single tooth bud.
Mandibular third molars may become impacted because of adjacent teeth, dense overlying bone or soft tissue, lack of space in the jaw, aberrant path of eruption, abnormal positioning of tooth bud or pathological lesions.
The authors hypothesized that the structure and the formation of the denticle were determined by the disorder of the layout and arrangement of collagen fibers in the tooth bud [12].
Thorough knowledge would help in reducing the complications like failure of endodontic treatment and fracture of root or accidental removal of permanent tooth bud if trapped between the roots during exodontia.
The developing tooth bud of permanent second molar was found to have a floating appearance.