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The aim of the Alliance is to promote initiatives to stop the development and progression of tooth decay in order to move towards a Cavity-Free Future for everyone.
The treatment for tooth decay largely depends on how advanced the problem is.
Dr Sandra White, Director of Dental Public Health at PHE, said: Tooth decay is caused by too much sugar in the diet and children currently consume 3 times as much sugar than official recommendations .
Excessive intake of sugary foods and drinks are the main cause of tooth decay and the rise in obesity.
There was a dramatic variation of tooth decay prevalence from 2% to 34% across the country.
She warned that tooth decay is among the most widespread problems globally across all age groups.
MedCity chairman Kit Malthouse said: "It's brilliant to see the really creative research taking place at King's making its way out of the lab so quickly and being turned into a new device that has the potential to make a real difference to the dental health and patient experience of people with tooth decay.
Despite this, the National Dental Epidemiology Programme for England's oral health survey of five-year-old children on the prevalence and severity of dental decay said that, generally, there have been improvements in cases of tooth decay and severity in young children.
Tooth decay and other common oral conditions are largely preventable through good oral hygiene habits.
In an advance toward solving a 50-year-old mystery, scientists present new evidence in the journal Langumir on how the fluoride in drinking water, toothpastes, mouth rinses, and other oral-care products prevents tooth decay.
Washington, March 12 ( ANI ): A new Australian study has confirmed that fluoride in drinking water prevents tooth decay for adults of all ages, even those who did not drink fluoride in water as children.