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But when she said she had back pain medics insisted she be immobilised before being moved - so firefighters sliced the top off the pounds 38,000 motor.
Gas stations will be required to post signs that say "Do Not Top Off.
Prosecutor Jeremy Jenkins told the jury, 'He invited her on a number of occasions to take her top off.
In the course of the film, Gerry (Nicole Appleton) falls in love with an American called Daniel (Peter Fachinelli) and takes her top off.
That phase gives way to a countdown, when people top off their supplies and choose where they will celebrate or ride out the date change.
The country diva's March 27 concert, rifled "An Evening With Wynonna," will top off this year's N2 the Nite festival, a two-day event whose proceeds go partly to charity.
This is a great way to top off an exciting and productive year for Virtual Heroes.
Blue is expected to top off in early May and occupancy is scheduled for Fall 2006.