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Topical agents: Study results were inconclusive or did not show a clear benefit for the following topical agents.
New topical agents have been developed to target the increasing inefficiency of current agents, and the emergence of new and resistant organisms.
Safe and effective, these topical agents can help restore a more youthful appearance to the skin of the neck--without invasive cosmetic procedures.
Skin reactions during radiotherapy for breast cancer: the use and impact of topical agents and dressings.
In my experience, removing skin lesions after applying topical agents has been unsuccessful in terms of adequate analgesia; it might not be as effective as the penile block.
A new topical agent, efinaconazole, currently pending approval by the FDA, will be the first topical triazole to become available for dermatologic use and the first new antifungal for onychomycosis to be introduced in more than a decade.
By using a topical agent, the physician can deliver a concentration of medication that is several orders of magnitude higher than the concentration of a systemic agent.
and European marketing approval of the topical agent.
A topical agent for retinal neovascular disease would revolutionize treatment," noted Eric Viaud, CEO of Gene Signal.
Usually, she gives the topical agent in combination with an oral tetracycline in patients whose ocular disease isn't responding adequately to oral therapy alone.
Transdermal ketoprofen, an investigational topical agent, appears to be effective in reducing self-reported delayed-onset muscle soreness after repetitive muscle contraction, Christopher Cannavino reported at the annual meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.
As part of its ongoing new drug application (NDA) review, the FDA wants to determine whether pretreatment with an FDA-approved topical anesthetic would provide similar tolerability to the topical agent used as a pretreatment in the clinical development program.