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Other topical agents would have required daily dressing changes to retain their maximal phamacodynamic and antiseptic efficacy, and the cost analysis was conducted according to this requirement.
Skin reactions during radiotherapy for breast cancer: the use and impact of topical agents and dressings.
The LovRub line consists of topical agents that are created naturally to help enhance the sexual experience.
That's the central finding of a retrospective analysis of the MarketScan insurance claims database that included 1 year of follow-up of 7,307 patients placed on calcipotriene betamethasone dipropionate combination (products immediately after diagnosis of plaque psoriasis and 9,670 others who received prescriptions for other topical agents.
A new topical agent, efinaconazole, currently pending approval by the FDA, will be the first topical triazole to become available for dermatologic use and the first new antifungal for onychomycosis to be introduced in more than a decade.
One study with 256 participants found that skin irritation caused by radiotherapy was less in patients using calendula ointment compared with those using the topical agent trolamine.
and European marketing approval of the topical agent.
Usually, she gives the topical agent in combination with an oral tetracycline in patients whose ocular disease isn't responding adequately to oral therapy alone.
We probably don't have a topical agent that is tremendously efficacious, especially in more severe rosacea.
The only topical agent used by the child was a "healing balm" containing lavender oil, which was discovered after repeated questioning of the mother because she considered the substance to be benign (New Engl.
The Infectious Diseases Society of America recommends mupirocin as the best topical agent for the treatment and prevention of S aureus and S pyogenes infections, followed by bacitracin zinc and neomycin, although resistance is emerging).
Transdermal ketoprofen, an investigational topical agent, appears to be effective in reducing self-reported delayed-onset muscle soreness after repetitive muscle contraction, Christopher Cannavino reported at the annual meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.