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With a scream like that of an angry giant it tore away the ropes that held the coop and lifted it high into the air, with Dorothy still clinging to the slats.
He was seized by the chief of this region, fastened to the foot of a baobab, and the ferocious black then severed all his joints while the war-song of his tribe was chanted; he then made a gash in the prisoner's neck, stopped to sharpen his knife, and fairly tore away the poor wretch's head before it had been cut from the body.
She screamed with fright as he seized her dress in his teeth and dragged on it till the frail fabric tore away.
It is revealed that Secretary Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Joint Secretary Qazi Zaheer showed nepotism and favoritism by appointing blue eyed persons only instead of deserving candidates, which tore away the merit.
He was driving a Volvo S60 which tore away from a police vehicle in Sedgemoor Road on December 29 last year.