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RON Harris was on familiar territory but in something of a different position as M'Selle tore away with the second two-year-old race of the new Flat season at Lingfield yesterday.
It just seems like the council are not acknowledging the buildings they tore away from us.
Then, just a minute later, replacement lock Ben Davies tore away to gain his side's fifth try.
According to details, about 30 to 35 persons made their forcible entry to the central branch of the Muslim Commercial Bank at 12pm and subjected the security supervisor to assault upon resistance, beat him and tore away his cloths.
a member of the commission with some other people broke into his office, tore away his clothes and physically assaulted him.
The CASA is now examining the possibility that something exploded inside some luggage or that a panel on the outside of the plane simply tore away.
The BBL's basement club had no answer to the reigning league champions once they tore away 15-2 from the opening tip.
2) High winds overnight Friday tore away covers protecting trees and plants from the cold weather at Jon's Nursery of Somis.