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Having survived more than a decade of torment, Joseph has grown to be a successful business owner and now wants to share his message of survival with the world.
Torment has an interesting idea but an uninspiring execution.
There are probably many families out there still suffering abuse and torment from anti-social people.
I would torment every merchant--British, French, Spanish, Dutch,
The great irony here is that it was accepted by all parties that the claimant was not gay - despite the relentless torment - but if he had been, then there is absolutely no doubt that the tribunal would have found in his favour.
lofC believes that, if the UN/AU/EU conference is not to turn into a vast tribunal with everyone accusing each other, delegates should go through a process of examining the past--so that they can understand the reasons for the madness which has plunged their countries into torment.
The torment and agony Lazarus must have felt in life--peering through a locked gate at his only hope for survival, having his sores licked by dogs as he attempts to feed off the few crumbs the rich man inadvertently and carelessly allows to fall to the ground where Lazarus lies, and seeing a lavish lifestyle taken for granted.
1) Becoming an African or Creole slave in British North America, according to Bontemps, involved social terror, cultural murder, physical torment, spiritual suicide, and emotional abandonment.
Tales alleging the wickedness of Batista's government a hall-century before are stressed, but completely ignored are the much more recent decades of torment and misery resulting from Castro's Communist policies.
Keira White, Lynette's sister, said they had been forced to live through years of torment because of Jeffrey Gafoor's actions.
I was particularly moved by Jim Verraros's account of the torment and ridicule he endured in junior high for being gay.