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Karachi [Pakistan], June 20 ( ANI ): Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir, who tormented the Indian top order in the Champions Trophy final, is all set to make his county debut for Essex this summer.
Let's hope Yogi Bear and his mate Boo-Boo, those pesky mice, Pixie and Dixie, and their tormented feline adversary, Mr Jinks, and fellow cartoon 'royalty', The Flintstones and The Jetsons, are on some advertising guru's radar as well.
BenStiller'smuseumchumscometo life School bullies are in for it in Tormented
tormented (15) Sandra Dickinson as a flighty art teacher and Emmerdale star Peter Amory, without his wheelchair, as the head teacher There are quite a few holes in the plot.
1 : to cause severe suffering of body or mind to <Flies tormented the cattle.
A heterosexual worker tormented for years by banter and innuendo from colleagues implying he was homosexual because he had attended a public school and lived in Brighton, has failed to win his harassment case.
Turing is also a tormented figure, whose homosexuality makes him an outcast despite his genius.
Silting on a bench with fabric encasing her head and body, the dancer rocks, twists, and reaches out in tormented prayer.
In other works, insects and beasts symbolized doubt, temptation, or other failings and tormented people, as if in contest for the human soul.
They continue with their daily lives in apparent--if artificial--comfort, however inwardly tormented their awkward positions suggest they truly are.
However, the Cardinal did not fail to note the good conditions of the hospital structures despite the poverty and the violence of the Lord's Resistance Army, which has tormented the local population for 18 years (Zenit, March 8, 25; Globe, March 14, 2004).
Throughout the book, however, runs an inescapable feeling that the writer is little more than a tourist with a somewhat peculiar itinerary, Although Pelton is indeed a courageous observer, there is more than a touch of self-conscious machismo in his adventures, a Hemingway-like hunger to have his prowess praised and acknowledged, This is understandable enough, especially given the company he keeps, but it does have the effect of reducing the tormented lands he visits to an Indiana Jones backdrop.