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Torn Away is vivid and emotional as Jersey comes to terms with her grief, new life, and new knowledge.
The aircraft flipped over in the result, the right wing and landing wheels were torn away.
Attackers broke all the furniture, and torn away all the banners and pamphlets.
Finally there's James, a boy torn away from his family to grow up in a foundling home.
VULNERABLE teens trafficked into Ireland will soon be torn away from their friends and schools because of a legal loophole, the Green Party has warned.
Police are investigating after the four-wheeled vehicle, which had been parked outside a care home, had an arm ripped off and its front basket torn away.
Very soon the wrapping is torn away and they enjoy the contents.
John Brown, ex-Hills boss and racehorse owner, would be a natural, if only he could be torn away from Florida at peak times of the year.