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Many other people feel the same as you do concerning the church closing and being torn down.
The decision for voiding the building plans proposed to the Council of the Municipality of Centar foresees reinstitution of the old building plan, in which a church has not been planned for construction, whereby the building of the church currently under construction will be declared illegal and consequently torn down," representatives of Veritas explain.
IT WOULD be a crying shame if the terrace of shops in Renshaw Street, most recently colonised by Rapid Hardware, were to be torn down as part of the redevelopment of the hinterland of Central Station.
Gohar, who could have faced up to five years in prison after broadcasting images of Mubarak posters being torn down during deadly riots in April, said his equipment had been confiscated, effectively putting him out of business.
1 -- color) Nicholas Hughes, 12, and his father, Tom, show monofilament in Oak Park, where a section of an eruv was torn down.
Setup time varies depending on terrain, weather and resulting ground conditions, but normally the entire system can be setup or torn down in one day or less by an experienced crew.
But his mother Barbara Yusuf-Porter says she finds the tributes she has left have been torn down.
And thanks to the literature, many continue to read the culture in ways that they had not before, one student observing how her friends watch NASCAR for the crashes, another telling me how a school in her neighborhood was torn down, a new school erected, and the new school subsequently torn down so a new-but-old-fashioned-looking school could be built out of cheap, modern materials: "It's a simulacrum
Speaking at an event for migrants in his home state of Guanajuato, Fox said on Sunday that barriers between nations belonged in the past and, like the Berlin wall in 1989, were torn down by people striving for liberty and democracy.
But I want to make sure that the new facility doesn't have to get torn down in another 30 years.
The Palast will be torn down to make way for the reconstruction of the Prussian royal castle, which occupied much of the site until it was destroyed by Allied bombing in World War II and then demolished under the German Democratic Republic government.