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I am convinced that if they had not been so unmercifully shaken, and afraid -- each individual one of them -- to stand up, we would have been torn to pieces.
grey wolves and black leaped upon the lioness and rent and worried her till she fell and was torn to pieces by them.
if he die in our custody, shall we not be held guilty of his blood, and be torn to pieces by the multitude?
That paper must be torn to pieces," said D'Artagnan, who fancied he read in it his sentence of death.
Yes, if he be poor and inexperienced, not if he be rich and skilful; besides, the worst that could happen to him would be the punishment of which we have already spoken, and which the philanthropic French Revolution has substituted for being torn to pieces by horses or broken on the wheel.
I was sent there to intercept a correspondence between Chalais and the archduke, and even then, when I was discovered I was nearly torn to pieces.
I am sure I don't wonder at it, for my nerves are quite torn to pieces.
I gradually cheered her up by dwelling on the many things she would do for her unfortunate father and for Peepy when she had a home of her own; and finally we went downstairs into the damp dark kitchen, where Peepy and his little brothers and sisters were grovelling on the stone floor and where we had such a game of play with them that to prevent myself from being quite torn to pieces I was obliged to fall back on my fairy-tales.
We were bombarded by statistics, if not shells, and our hearts were torn to pieces by the thought of the unremitting hardship and the unrelenting horrors of the trenches during the First World War.
Someone who can tell us that in fact foxes love nothing more than being hunted and torn to pieces.
Only sadistic people would want to chase after a fox with a pack of hounds, watch the terrified animal being caught and torn to pieces.
Renner encapsulates the heart and soul of a man in danger of being torn to pieces in the battle between professional pride and paternal love.