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Less then two years after the clinical center was torn to pieces, reunion of clinics is now being announced.
However, for the regular fans, take some consolation in watching Mick McCarthy being torn to pieces by his own Wolves as they struggle to get out of the bottom five next season.
But the most brilliant design will be torn to pieces by the chief draughtsman who will give 10 good reasons why it won't work.
The "men" who are torn to pieces become metonymically (and more graphically) "limbs"" and death--the sins that were major--have become "mortal.
Our popular culture may be saturated with synthetic gore, but at least we don't spend our leisure time watching real people have their eyes put out, their limbs pulverized, their sex organs amputated and their flesh torn to pieces with red-hot pincers," he writes shortly before describing said amputation and pincer wielding.
Not only were the foxes torn to pieces but had to run for miles, sometimes for hours, being terrified.
It is God's own image that is being torn to pieces by "electrical shocks, pulling out fingernails, the forced insertion of objects into the rectum.
I glanced at where I had been sitting and saw the woman who sat down instead of me - torn to pieces.
A little consideration from Mr Burden towards those in Israel who have seen their innocent loved ones torn to pieces by the indiscriminate mayhem of suicide bombers and other terrorist activities, would not come amiss.
THE Cats' defence was torn to pieces by the Waratahs last week, and it could be a similar story when the ACT Brumbies arrive
Paintings of animals and people in the Kabul National Gallery were torn to pieces, the mighty Buddhas at Bamiyan blown up, the 1500 year frescoes in the surrounding caves destroyed or pillaged and the 1000 year old Buddhist Minar-i-Chakari was toppled.
Despite starting the game with nine players ruled out through injury, Notts competed well for 45 minutes but were torn to pieces by Wycombe after the break.