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Gareth Bale's confidence has clearly been torn to shreds and his immediate first-team opportunities under Mr Redknapp appear doomed.
Gordon Brown's character has been torn to shreds of late.
If the hand of British hospitality continues to be rewarded overseas with the same kind of disdain as we have witnessed, the government's home and foreign policies must be adjusted accordingly or the once mighty reputation of this nation will be torn to shreds by the piranhas of the developing world.
Understandably, the nervous systems of all such creatures are currently being torn to shreds, as lightning flashes and bomb-like blasts reverberate around the region.
And the lease contract, the marriage and birth certificates, the utility bills, identity cards, passports, love letters, all torn to shreds like the hearts of their owners.
The curtains on both sides had been torn to shreds and he had torn a hole in the carpet.
It was too obscene for words, and my beautiful dress was being torn to shreds.
With his head full of the spurious arguments by Sir John Wolfenden--and apparently never noticing that they had been torn to shreds in 1959 by England's Appeal Court judge Lord Devlin (see pages 148-151 in my book)--Mr.
Through the "cab window" (actually, a television screen), the "engineer" encounters a car at a grade crossing ahead, and watches helplessly as train and auto collide, and the auto is torn to shreds.
West Brom 4 West Ham 0 by Steve Bates FURIOUS West Ham fans turned on Sam Allardyce after watching their FA Cup dream torn to shreds by West Brom.
With his slimy manoeuvrings to stay on as president, even as a probe is being carried out against his son-in-law for his alleged involvement in betting and leaking of team secrets, Srinivasan has not only made a mockery of the world's richest cricket board, which calls the shots in the game, but has also torn to shreds the credibility of the sport.
A BADGER was torn to shreds by dogs as a group of men cheered on the pitbulls, the High Court heard yesterday.