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They will be torn to shreds,and within two years they will be going cap in hand to the IMF god help us.
OSCAR Wilde described fox-hunting as "the unspeakable chasing the uneatable" - a sentiment that, 12 years after the Hunting Act came into force, continues to reflect the views of the British public, 84% of whom find the idea of frightened foxes being torn to shreds by packs of hounds deeply offensive.
Their influence, from the background, could well lead to the prime minister's credibility being torn to shreds.
FURIOUS West Ham fans turned on Sam Allardyce after watching their FA Cup dream torn to shreds by West Brom.
This filled me with dread as in all the media the NHS was being torn to shreds with stories of avoidable deaths, lack of care, understaffing and a picture presented of an almost hate culture towards patients from under-trained, uncaring and resentful staff.
Extremists may even throw the bag into a ditch during early morning hours, for it to be torn to shreds by a raccoon searching for last night's steak.
Life as a sea turtle could not have got much worse for Yu when she washed up in a Japanese fishing net five years ago, her front flippers torn to shreds after a brutal encounter with a shark.
Ross Draper insists Inverness will prove they are no soft touches - despite being torn to shreds by Celtic.
The centre-back's dreams were torn to shreds within half an hour, though, as Stoke put three early goals past the Trotters on their way to a 5-0 hammering.
ALEX MCLEISH has a reputation as a defensive-minded manager but his Aston Villa side have been struggling to keep clean sheets in recent weeks and they could be torn to shreds by Manchester City at Villa Park tonight, writes Dan Childs.
How are girls supposed to feel body confident, when even supermodels get torn to shreds every day for just the slightest imperfection?
Elsewhere, Watsonians were battered 58-0 by Whitecraigs as a young team were torn to shreds in the Scottish Premier Cup.